Top 4 Defensive Driving Online Courses That Keep You Safe

December 19, 2021 | Althea Kelsey | Online Courses

Top 4 Defensive Driving Online Courses That Keep You Safe

Defensive driving techniques are what you need to steer clear of unexpected dangers on the road. With these techniques, you are able to defend yourself against road threats, from harsh weather to distracted drivers by being conscious of the road and knowing how to act swiftly to avoid a crash.

<strong>Top</strong> 4 <strong>Defensive</strong> <strong>Driving</strong> <strong>Online</strong> <strong>Courses</strong> <strong>That</strong> <strong>Keep</strong> <strong>You</strong> <strong>Safe</strong>
Top 4 Defensive Driving Online Courses That Keep You Safe

It seems not easy to possess qualified defensive driving techniques, you need clarified instruction and practice them regularly. Luckily, there are 4 defensive driving online courses that can put you over the top of these techniques. From iDriveSafely to Geico defensive driving course, you can grab your best.


iDriveSafely is at the forefront of driving brands in the business. There are some good reasons for this: It’s one of the oldest names founded in 1998, and also well-known as one of the very first TEA approved courses.

Initially, IDriveSafely only offered defensive driving courses. Yet it has expanded with Mature Drivers Ed, Teen Drivers Ed,  Ticket Dismissal, DMV practice tests, and also Defensive Driving so far. It has more than 35 different state approvals for defensive driving and growly develops its offering each year.

Is this a reputable place to learn? The A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) speaks volumes. Over 5,000,000 kids have been educated as a result of their efforts.


Aceable has not ever been out of the highest-rated defensive driving courses in Texas, it has a huge impact on the way online education is done. As of 2021, it is also the highest-rated defensive driving school on Yelp, the Apple Store, Trust Pilot, and Facebook, with all ratings at or around 5 stars.


Aceable focuses on the quality of its courses. Their implementation is far cry from the others which have been running since the late 1990s. Besides, The Aceable app has always been the mainstay of the course.

Aceable has been able to disrupt a lot of the way things are done by providing a truly mobile-first experience. They’re the first firm to use their mobile experience to offer drivers instruction in 3D. That means you may practice parallel parking before even getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. One of the features that distinguish their online course offering is the flexibility to learn in a variety of situations.


This course is well-known for fresh content that works well on mobile devices. They also boast several additional benefits such as automatic electronic certificate delivery and a customer care staff that outperforms most other Texas defensive driving courses. One plus of the Approved content is that they are in multiple formats lest learners get stuck in a groove.


Defensive driving classes from Geico help students improve their driving abilities by teaching them how to react successfully in dangerous circumstances. The training covers how to drive in adverse weather and on wet or snowy roads, how to regain control if you lose control, how to safely deviate off the road, and how to reply if something unexpected comes into your lane. The perils of road rage, speeding, aggressive driving, and driving under the influence are all covered in the courses.

In conclusion, for a slew of low-quality online defensive driving courses that existed in the market, 4 foregoing courses are most trusted as many learners have tried and got success. Select one preferred course and follow them to keep you safe on the road.