The Role of Nurses in Community Awareness and Preventive Health

April 06, 2021 | Smith Adela | Courses For Business

The Role of Nurses in Community Awareness and Preventive Health

Medical students who want to join nursing college have several options available. Apart from RN and BSN, students can opt for pre-nursing courses. These professional courses prepare students to tackle the challenges posed by the industry. As per the official stats, there has been a 12% growth in the nursing jobs. These figures make nursing the fastest-growing occupation in all industries. Registered nurses are earning handsome annual salaries, higher than many other jobs. 

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Role</strong> Of <strong>Nurses</strong> In <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Awareness</strong> And <strong>Preventive</strong> <strong>Health</strong>
The Role Of Nurses In Community Awareness And Preventive Health

Nursing is considered the most respected occupation all over the world. Professionals who dedicate their lives to the service of the community must start their careers with pre-nursing courses. The exposure of the responsibilities at a very early age ensures that students are ready for the upcoming professional responsibilities.

Community Health Nursing

RN and BSN professionals work in different medical settings. Organizations and NGOs working for community service also need professional help. Community nurses decide to perform their duties outside the typical environment. Before serving the community or joining the community service, you are required to have Bachelors of Nursing Science. Serving nurses can also switch to BSN through RN to BSN programs. These nurses have more difficult job responsibilities because spreading awareness and managing community wellbeing takes more effort.

<strong>Community</strong> <strong>Health</strong> Nursing
Community Health Nursing

Registered nurses who work in community service offer their medical assistance to specific age groups. The medical camps are conducted for senior citizens, children, or healthcare awareness. The responsibilities of RNs keep changing as per the nature of the community service. Community health nurses are supposed to impart education and awareness to the community.

Why is Community Health Nursing Essential?

Community members who don’t have access to quality health services depend upon the assistance provided by community nurses. Pre-Licensure BSN Programs and many other pre-nursing programs prepare RNs for such types of services. Patients with limited resources and critical medical conditions need professional assistance and community nurses ensure the availability of help.

<strong>Health</strong> Nursing
Health Nursing

Students or community members who don’t want to go for a medical career can still opt for pre-nursing courses. Even if they don’t want to perform in medical facilities, they can be of use to serve the assisted living facilities. Community nurses sometimes have to visit the houses of the patients. The community needs to understand the importance of healthcare education for a healthier community. Here are some people who need your medical assistance:

  • Patients who cannot afford standard healthcare
  • People with no medical insurance
  • Senior citizens with limited mobility
  • Kids with critical medical conditions
  • Homeless and uneducated members with no information about the healthcare industry

All of this work doesn’t need to be free or for nothing. Organizations hire nurses for permanent jobs and pay handsome salaries. You will enjoy all the incentives like any nurse working in a renowned medical facility. Some community healthcare education programs are initiated by the state governments too. MSc Nursing Studies can even help you to lead a community healthcare center.

MSc Nursing Studies
MSc Nursing Studies

Preparing for the Nursing Profession

As compared to other professions, nursing has become a more advanced sector. The ever-changing medical environment requires professional nurses to equip themselves with the essential skills from the very start. Pre-nursing courses focus on skills that are going to help them in near future. Here are a few steps to start preparing yourself for the nursing profession during high school:

  1. Choose the right classes and courses
  2. Volunteer for community service and healthcare education
  3. Connect with serving professional nurses
  4. Join HOSA for industrial exposure
  5. Research the options available for professional studies
  6. Analyze the availability of jobs for nurses in different medical facilities
Preparing For <strong>The</strong> Nursing Profession
Preparing For The Nursing Profession

Healthcare is a wide field where students fail to choose the right career path. Before joining any class or courses, you need to learn which classes are included in healthcare studies. More research and market knowledge will lead to better career paths. Nursing is an affordable option for medical students. Community nursing not only offers great salaries but you also get to serve the community. There are several career development opportunities for the community nurses like RNs and BSNs working in hospitals.