Online Facebook ads courses

June 05, 2021 | Smith Adela | Courses For Business

Online Facebook ads courses

Facebook is the oldest and the largest of all the social media platforms with billions of users around the world. The platform has a huge database and has excellent strategies, tactics, and resources to collect data from all over the world and categorize people demographically according to their interests, languages, and much more. Because of this reason, businesses use it to advertise their products.

<strong>Facebook</strong> Advertising Courses
Facebook Advertising Courses

Facebook provides businesses with excellent targeting strategies that no other social media platform can compete with. Most of the traffic, conversions and customers that businesses get are due to Facebook advertising. To run your business successfully and build brand affinity, you need to know about Facebook advertising. Even if you do not, we have got you covered.

Here are few most popular Facebook advertising courses that can teach everything there is to know about Facebook advertising.

Facebook ads & Facebook marketing mastery guide

This course has helped more than 95,000 professionals with Facebook advertising. It emphasizes the importance of Facebook for businesses and makes learners understand why Facebook should be a part of the marketing strategy. The duration of the course is 14 hours and most of the content you get is from watching videos. The instructor, Justin O’Brien is a successful businessman himself and he has used all the strategies provided in this course. The course covers different aspects of Facebook advertising such as sales funnel, retargeting campaigns, and conversions tactics. It can help you manage Facebook pages, Facebook ads, and much more.

<strong>Facebook</strong> Ads & <strong>Facebook</strong> Marketing Mastery Guide
Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery Guide

This course can help everyone whether they are starting as professionals or they have some experience in this field. Content of the videos and course is regularly updated to meet the requirements of the changing marketing environment. The use of new technologies in marketing is also included to give the students a comprehensive overview of everything.

Advertising on Facebook for beginners

Before we dwell on the specifications of this course, let’s know a little bit about LinkedIn Learning. It is one of the largest learning platforms and it also provides a lot of courses including the best Facebook advertising courses. Although the courses might not be free or cheap all the time, LinkedIn automatically updates your profile upon the completion of a course.

Now, advertising on the Facebook course is specifically for beginners but an advanced version of this can be beneficial for everyone. It teaches learners about the working of Facebook ads, how they can launch their ads on Facebook, the best field practices, and the collection and interpretation of the data.

Facebook ads complete course by Reliablesoft

Created by Reliablesoft academy, this course has helped many businesses set up campaigns and utilize conversion tactics to boost sales. This course has been divided into 12 lessons covering different topics such as Facebook campaign optimization, Facebook ads tips, managing campaign costs, creating Facebook ads, and others. The content that you will get will mostly be from videos, audios, texts, and other sources. It is one of the best and most comprehensive online Facebook advertising courses that can help learners of beginner and intermediate level. The cost of this course is $119 and at the end of it, you will receive SEO certification and digital marketing certification.

<strong>Facebook</strong> <strong>ads</strong> Complete Course by Reliablesoft
Facebook ads Complete Course by Reliablesoft

The complete Facebook ads and marketing 2021 on Udemy

Created by Suppoman, a super instructor on Udemy, this course covers every aspect of marketing through Facebook advertising. Using the marketing and ad functions provided by Facebook, you can boost your posts on social and earn recognition among the audience with this guide. 11 hours of well-compiled data in the video can be accessed via laptop, mobile, or even TV. Including nine different articles and lifetime access, this course is one of the best out there. Although this is not one of the free Facebook advertising courses, at $10.99, it is close to that. After the completion of the course, you will get a certificate of completion.

<strong>Facebook</strong> Ads and Marketing
Facebook Ads and Marketing

Facebook social media marketing professional certificate

With 6 courses included in the single certification program and taught by the top two instructors on Coursera, Anke Audenaert and Daniel Kob, this program helps learners create and analyze targeted campaigns for the audience. It also trains students about creating, editing, and troubleshooting ads in the Facebook ads manager. The skills that you will get after the completion of the courses include brand management, digital marketing, ad management, campaign management, and many others. You can take these courses any time you want and you can run this program at your own pace. The estimated time to complete 6 courses included in the program is 7 months and after that, you will get a professional certificate which can find you a new job if that’s your goal.