Managing Remote Teams: Best Practices and 5 Tips

July 18, 2021 | Barrow Richard | Online Courses

Managing Remote Teams: Best Practices and 5 Tips

Yeah, it might have sounded weird in the past, but with the digital evolution, trends of working have changed as well. The new and innovative technologies have made working from home possible. Working remotely has been quite successful over the past one year of COVID pandemic.

<strong>Managing</strong> <strong>Remote</strong> <strong>Teams:</strong> <strong>Best</strong> <strong>Practices</strong> <strong>and</strong> 5 <strong>Tips</strong>
Managing Remote Teams: Best Practices and 5 Tips

There are tons of responsibilities as a leader. And when it comes to managing remote teams, it becomes even harder. While there are several benefits of working with remote teams, you might also have to face some obstacles.

There might be a few challenges for the leaders, however, there are a few tips with the help of which you can manage remote teams successfully. In this article, we’ll thoroughly discuss some of the best practices and tips to make it convenient working with remote employees. Have a look.

Is Working Remotely Advantageous or Not?

Like we’ve already mentioned above. Working remotely can be both beneficial and disadvantageous. You cannot keep a strict eye on the remote employees which might end up in work delays sometimes. However, there is a benefit of working with remote employees as well. With effective team building, you can easily get skilled workers from all over the country to add to your team.

Is Working <strong>Remote</strong>ly Advantageous or Not
Is Working Remotely Advantageous or Not

Here are some tips for people who are thinking of hiring remote workers. Have a look.

Set Clear Expectations:

 A big part of managing remote teams online is to set immediate and clear expectations for the employees. Your employees should be aware of what you expect from them. They should clearly know when you need to check in and keep track of their work. Not only this, make sure your employees are aware of the deadlines, and work effectively. Get updates from the employees daily so you’re aware of what they’re up to along with the progress of your work.

Therefore, setting clear expectations is the key to success and makes it easier to work punctually. Clear deadlines and keeping a check on employees will further improve the pace of work. Therefore, make sure it is important to set clear expectations.

Set Clear Expectations
Set Clear Expectations

Figure Out your Communication Strategy:

Other than focusing on team members individually, make sure you document the communication process regularly to know how much work has been done. Make an outline of the points and strategies you need to focus on in your online meetings or video calls. Provide every detail and about the timings, responsiveness and objectives. This will make things easier for both the employers and employees. 

Engage with the Employees:

Engagement with the employees is really important. Since they are not physically present with you therefore, it is important to regularly engage with them. The longer you go without engaging with the employees, the more left out they’ll feel. This can also result in demotivation towards work. Therefore, make sure you keep your interaction consistent and assure that your employees feel motivated.

Conduct Team Meetings More Often:

Team management is the key. And one thing to manage remote teams effectively is by scheduling regular team meetings and managing your team properly. This way you can conduct important discussions and communicate with them easily. 

Conducting team meetings is significant to catch-up on the work and discuss important factors regarding the projects. Therefore, if you want to manage the team effectively, make sure you schedule regular team meetings and have thorough discussions with the remote employees.

Conduct Team Meetings More Often
Conduct Team Meetings More Often

Be Honest and Transparent: 

Honesty is the key to success. If you’re open with your employees and give open and honest opinions, they’ll be honest with you as well. Being transparent with the team members makes it convenient to communicate with each other. For instance, you want to share the news, make sure every team member knows.

Honesty and transparency makes your employees comfortable around you. Which allows you to work together easily.


If you want to be successful at managing your remote team, then you can always take help from the online leadership courses. These courses can help you understand how to tackle the employees in remote areas. 

Other than this, these five tips are also sufficient enough to get a better grasp on ways to handle the remote employees. To find out more of such information, stay connected.