Interesting Big Data Projects You Need to Watch Out

September 27, 2021 | Carver Stephen | Online Courses

Interesting Big Data Projects You Need to Watch Out

In the past five years, huge evolvements have been seen in big data projects, big data analytics, and machine learning. However, several issues of development and using the possibilities of these fields are still being discovered.

You need to have significant knowledge of the distinctive frameworks like Hadoop Ecosystem and prior experience to be a successful, prominent data expert. Besides, know-how about the Hadoop MapReduce framework can provide additional distributed computing scalability and processing power.

On top of this, a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering and a few certifications can help you get a better grasp of the technical terms and concepts.

<strong>Interesting</strong> <strong>Big</strong> <strong>Data</strong> <strong>Projects</strong> <strong>You</strong> <strong>Need</strong> to <strong>Watch</strong> <strong>Out</strong>
Interesting Big Data Projects You Need to Watch Out

Ways to Attain Big Data Projects

Just like every other field, the beginning of this journey can be challenging for you too. Since there is a lot more technicality; thus, to start a career in this direction, you’ll need some guidance for sure. 

Here are some easy ways to attain big data projects. Read on.

Cloud Computing

Computing power has improved significantly because of moving data storage to the clouds. Users who use services like data centers provided by companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc., have seen the evolution themselves. This means that progressive computing power is perfect for users at insignificant costs and infrastructure.

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

Set-up Parallel Computing Distributed Cluster Services

It is also easier to set up a server to process data and storage by using multiple core systems with higher computing power and memory. Big data projects in 2021 require enormous storage capacity and memory, especially for the numerous threaded projects. 

Big Data Projects You Need to Look For

This article will discuss the different big data projects for students and professionals that are significant these days. Have a look.

Data Warehouse Design for E-commerce Sites

It is a more extensive collection of data for businesses that assists them in making informed decisions by analyzing the data. If you want to form an E-commerce website, the data warehouse needs to be a central repository. It means it consists of consolidating data – from searches to purchases – everything is included. By proposing and creating a data warehouse, the site can manage the supply on demand, modify pricing for profits and contain advertisements established on items purchased and searched.

<strong>Data</strong> Warehouse Design for E-commerce Sites
Data Warehouse Design for E-commerce Sites

Web Server Log Processing

A web server log is specifically designed to maintain page requests with specific activities it has accomplished. Mining the data, processing, and storing it on web servers is done to analyze and examine the data. With this, SEO and web page ads can also be determined. In short, overall user experience can be achieved easily via web-server log analysis. 

Generating Song Recommendations

Streaming platforms are the most appealing when there are suitable recommendations for the audience. By generating the recommendations consistently for a specific individual, engagement can make the most out of it. 

Content can be suggested based on multiple methods – relying on the previously watched demographics, trending movies, searches, and ratings that someone has managed previously. The datasets are gathered and then grouped based on these factors to figure out the patterns.

Analysis of Airline Datasets

Vast amounts of data from the site must be managed and analyzed for businesses. This means that the analysis of airline datasets is an excellent choice for big data analytics

If you think of airlines, the popular routes are monitored to maximize efficiency. For instance, how often does the number of people flying change over a day/week/month/year to reduce the delays? Emphasis on this data enables the airlines and passengers to use the airlines. 

Real-time Traffic Analysis

Traffic can be a real issue in big cities, especially during the busier hours of the day. If this traffic is monitored and alternate route choices are given, congestion on roads will eventually reduce. Real-time traffic analysis can be implemented to program traffic and reduce congestion- even at junctions. 

Real-time Traffic Analysis
Real-time Traffic Analysis

Bottom line

These are just a few significant big data project examples. Other than these, there are so many other big data projects that are yet to be explored. With advancements in technology and a consistent upsurge in the scientific industry, new and innovative ways are being established for people’s ease. Honestly, these systems and technical evolutions will open the door to an unknown future. 

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