Incredible job opportunities at the airport

August 09, 2021 | Lu Henry | Online Courses

Incredible job opportunities at the airport

If you are passionate about air travel, enjoy customer service in a fast-paced environment, and live in a big city, you should consider open positions that allow you to work at the airport. Jobs at the airport pays well, and also, many of these jobs even provide employees with free or discounted air tickets. 

Here are some of the best jobs at the airport. We have discussed all the aspects from job roles, salary, and the best ways to find the job

<strong>Incredible</strong> Job Opportunities at <strong>the</strong> Airport
Incredible Job Opportunities at the Airport

Flight attendant 

From the moment you are greeted at the boarding gate, few people are more important to your flight experience than the flight attendant. They work on everything from cleaning the plane and making sure everyone is satisfied.

Also, flight attendants often have to deal with angry or difficult passengers, not to mention the harassment that flight attendants are particularly vulnerable to. However, flight attendants like the privilege of being able to travel around the world. Health benefits vary from airline to airline. Considering what they are dealing with, their average salary of just under $39,000 may seem a bit low, but at least better than other positions. 

Flight Attendant
Flight Attendant

Air Ticket Agent 

Immigration and ticketing agents act as the “spokesperson” of their working airlines, helping customer’s book air tickets and resolve flight and baggage information issues.

They check the identity of the passengers, issue boarding passes, checked baggage, and guide customers to security checkpoints and departure gates. The ticket officer must stand for a long time and be able to lift heavy suitcases and other checked items. Their average salaries are around $41,485.

Air Traffic Controller 

It is hard to imagine a job that is more than just an air traffic controller. A single slipup can be catastrophic. Fortunately, at least these jobs are paid very well, the average salary of an air traffic controller. At the US airport it is around 82,300 US dollars. 

Air traffic controllers must be on high alert for a long working day. It is usually positioned in a control tower, and pilots in the airspace around the airport must be closely monitored and must be in contact. 

At the same time, unlike other occupations, air traffic controllers have no formal obligations, which makes this occupation one of the highest-paid occupations that can be pursued without a university education. They must pass strict aptitude tests and selections. 

Airport Engineer 

Think about all the small things that need to be done for the normal operation of the airport. Now think about the consequences if something goes wrong. Therefore, airport engineers are vital for keeping everything on time and all equipment in good condition. They build and maintain the main structure of the airport, the runway. 

This work requires a lot of research. Airport engineers usually have a civil or architectural background and conduct extensive testing to ensure that the objects they create are in good working order. You have been paid handsomely for this work-up to $117,000. 

Airport Engineer
Airport Engineer

Airport planners 

Airport planners are usually those who have ideas and are implemented by engineers. For new facilities, airport planners can also plan and renovate. 

With this plan, it is not surprising that this is another work that requires a lot of research. In addition to the technical aspects, airport planners also need to ensure that everything meets regulatory requirements. 

Airport Planners
Airport Planners

They are also often asked to investigate the long-term effects of construction projects. For example, airport planners can research to predict the long-term impact of airport improvements on surrounding areas. 

Salaries for airport planners vary widely, ranging from $40,500 to more experienced planners, earning up to $90,000.

Last Words

We hope you have learned about the best jobs at an airport. We have discussed jobs at the airport for a fresher as well as for experienced employees. Since everything is clear now, you can easily choose the path of your interest.