Improve Your Soft Skills With Free Online Courses 

January 31, 2022 | Smith Adela | Online Courses

Improve Your Soft Skills With Free Online Courses 

A certificate from an online school will always enhance your résumé and talents. If you’re a recent graduate, your soft skills can help you stand out among the hundreds of other candidates. As an experienced professional, your soft skills may be a deciding factor in your advancement.

<strong>Improve</strong> <strong>Your</strong> <strong>Soft</strong> <strong>Skills</strong> <strong>With</strong> <strong>Free</strong> <strong>Online</strong> <strong>Courses </strong>
Improve Your Soft Skills With Free Online Courses 

However, learning something new can only benefit you, no matter where you are in your job. People are also eager to upgrade their abilities following the Covid-19-induced confinement. As a result, education technology companies have created a variety of free online programs that can assist improve soft skills.

Improve your soft skills with Google Digital Garage

Soft talents, according to Google, encompass a wide range of personality attributes. Communication and interpersonal skills, as well as social attitudes and emotional intelligence, are all part of this. Google has developed its online programs in response to the growing importance of these skills in the workplace. 

Everyone may benefit from some targeted training and development to help them reach their maximum potential. You can learn to improve your soft skills right now with these OpenLearn courses from The Open University. Google’s Grow With Google program has endorsed the course.

The free soft skill course comprises eight sessions in which candidates may learn effective communication, how to achieve success in the workplace, and how to understand the industry in which they work.

Learn effective soft skills with edX

Learn successful soft skills in leadership, communication, management, and more with these free online courses. The technology, edX, will help you develop the soft skills you’ll need to stand out and advance your career. Communications, Critical Thinking Skills, Decision Making, Inference, Management, Professional Development, Professional Skills, Public Speaking, and Strategy are all covered in this course.


Furthermore, edX offers various courses with over five online classes each. You can begin by enrolling in any of the classes listed below.

Interpersonal Skills – Introduction to Soft Skills with Alison

Alison’s free online soft skills training course will provide you with an understanding of important areas of interpersonal skills that are important in the job and in personal interactions. This course is also appropriate for students, researchers, employers, and professionals who want to improve their interpersonal relationships. Here is where you may sign up for the course.

Professionalism and Workplace Etiquette: Master Communication and Soft Skills


You may learn about the ideas of professionalism and decorum at work in this course. It will also educate you on how to market yourself and send emails in a professional manner. The online lectures will cover the fundamentals of workplace professionalism and decorum. You may begin learning right now and at your own speed. 

Soft Skills Training with KnowledgeHut

While technical skill training is typically prioritized, soft skills, which are critical for success, are devalued. The hands-on soft skills training programs offered by KnowledgeHut are an excellent approach to improving soft skills. There are eight sub-courses throughout the entire course. You may enroll in online classes here and take whichever course you like, based on your needs.