How to Write a Marketing Email: 7 Tips to Write Compelling Email Copy?

October 09, 2021 | Louis Garrick | Online Courses

How to Write a Marketing Email: 7 Tips to Write Compelling Email Copy?

In the past few years, the trend of email marketing has increased quite a lot. Most of the brands are utilizing fancy functionality and emphasizing less on email marketing. Most people don’t know that a well-written email can be an equally beneficial marketing strategy as well.

However, it would help to make sure that the emails you write and send out are not devoid. Without compelling, well-written content, the customers are most likely to stop opening and eventually begin deleting your emails directly.

The question here is;

How to write a persuasive marketing email?”

This article will discuss the various email marketing strategies that will help your brand reach out to the audience and divert them towards your brand. Have a look.

<strong>How</strong> to <strong><strong>Write</strong></strong> a <strong>Marketing</strong> <strong><strong>Email</strong>:</strong> 7 <strong>Tips</strong> to <strong><strong>Write</strong></strong> <strong>Compelling</strong> <strong>Email</strong> Copy
How to Write a Marketing Email: 7 Tips to Write Compelling Email Copy

7 Email Strategies for Better Marketing Emails

We’ll first begin with discussing the subject lines then move on to the copywriting tips for the body of your email. Keep on reading to find out more about crafting engaging and convincing marketing emails.

Use Actionable Language

For subject lines, use actionable language to excite the audience. Now, actionable language doesn’t essentially mean using verbs, even though it often helps. By merging the verbs, the reader gets the idea of precisely what you want to say in the email.

However, there are ways to use actionable language without depending on the verbs. This provides you more room to use precise wording. When the language in the subject line is clear to the client and what the email wants to say, they prefer to open it.

Use Actionable Language
Use Actionable Language

Personalize When Possible

Emails that are segmented have higher performance levels – just like clickthrough rate and open rate – than the emails which are not customized. According to a study conducted by Digital Marketing Association, a segmented email generated 58% of the revenue, and 36% of the payments were created by emails sent to target selections.

In short, the more segmented your email list is, the more you can customize the subject line and deliver relevant content to the email recipient.

Focus on Clarity and Catchiness

Make sure the subject line is clear and catchy at the same time. In terms of marketing, you should always emphasize clarity. After you’ve written a clear subject line, you can make it funny, whimsical, and catchy as well. But always make sure that you focus on clarity.

You can always write a subject line that is a little bizarre and funny enough to pique your client’s interest.

Focus on Clarity and Catchiness
Focus on Clarity and Catchiness

Align the Subject Line with Email Copy

This brings us to the next point – aligning the subject line and email copy. You might be already aware of how compelling call-to-action is to attract more clients.

Whatever your email subject line promises, your email should thoroughly elaborate it. This is to make sure that the customers are getting what they are pledged to initially, that is, the subject line.

Establish Relevance

To write a persuasive email, you need to establish relevance. This only occurs through personalization. Again, it takes a lot more than a dynamic name tag to influence and persuade the readers of what’s inside an email that can be relevant. So, at the beginning of the email, make sure you explain how you know each other.

Always Write in Second Person

Writing in the second person means using pronouns like your, yours, and you. This gives the image that you are orienting the copy towards the reader rather than yourself.

Keeping a nice balance of the second person language allows you to emphasize the customer, not your brand. This subtle technique helps you be value-oriented, which attracts more customers with time.

Discuss More Benefits, Not Features

Readers are more interested in what they can gain from your brand. Therefore, discuss more the benefits and less about the features. One of the most significant issues one makes is that they talk more about the features and not the benefits, because of which the clients do not see the advantages they can get from your brand.


Email marketing has become one of the best ways to attract clients and build recognition in the market. Nowadays, companies have professional email marketing professionals who are specifically hired to craft appealing emails and divert the customers’ attention.

In this article, we’ve discussed some exclusive email marketing tips that can help you connect with the audience and divert more traffic towards your brand. If you want to learn more about email marketing, you can take these online email marketing courses


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