Highest-paid Jobs in Engineering

July 16, 2021 | Smith Adela | Online Courses

Highest-paid Jobs in Engineering

Engineering – one of the most diverse and far-ranging professions offers numerous job opportunities. There are almost 40 distinctive engineering fields, however, only a few have a good career opportunity in the future.

In this article, we’ll thoroughly discuss the diversity and versatility of this field. And which engineering field you can select to get well-paid jobs.

<strong>Highest-paid</strong> <strong>Jobs</strong> in <strong>Engineering</strong>
Highest-paid Jobs in Engineering

To pursue a career in engineering you need to specialize in one specific field that interests you. Not only this, according to a survey almost 87 percent of the engineers are satisfied with their job posts.

Among the most common ones are mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Besides these two there are several other engineering career opportunities one can pursue. In this article, we will thoroughly discuss the distinctive career options you can choose and get some of the highest paying jobs in engineering. Read on.

Why Choose Engineering as a Career:

Have you ever wondered why golf balls have dimples all over them or why split-level houses are more affected in earthquakes? Well, these are some questions that pop up in our minds quite often. An engineering education can help you get to the bottom of such questions.

Besides, a career in engineering is lucrative, which means the jobs are quite profitable. Engineering graduates can easily start off with high pays in any discipline. Not only this, as an engineer you can help in sustaining the country’s international competitiveness and assure national security. Thus, other than just getting high-salaried jobs, there is so much more an engineer does.

Highest Paid Engineering Jobs:

Whether you are looking for entry level jobs in engineering or a top level one, this field offers it all. Here we have put together a list of the best jobs in engineering. Have a look.

Petroleum Engineer:

The first in line among the highest paid jobs in engineering is petroleum engineering. The main task of a petroleum engineer is to form energy efficiently and neatly from natural resources like petroleum and natural gas.

The starting salary of a petroleum engineer is almost $132,280, which makes it among the highest paid jobs in engineering. Not only this, the field is anticipated to grow faster in the next few years than the average engineering jobs. Therefore, if you want to pursue a career in engineering, opt for petroleum engineering.

Petroleum Engineer
Petroleum Engineer

Computer Hardware Engineer:

Second in line is the computer hardware engineer. With a median salary of almost $115,120, this field of engineering is quite progressive as well. The job of a computer hardware engineer is to design and develop computer systems like circuit boards, processors and memory devices. People who are good at analytical problem solving and have interest in subjects like mathematics and physics should pursue a career in computer hardware engineering.

Computer Hardware Engineer
Computer Hardware Engineer

Aerospace Engineering:

Aerospace is the one career for which you can literally say it is “rocket science”. As it is quite clear from the name itself, aerospace engineering mainly revolves around designing and building missiles, satellites and aircrafts. Even though it can be quite tough, if you have interest in aerospace or aeronautical engineering then this is the perfect career for you.

The initial salary of an aeronautical or aerospace engineer is almost $113,030 which tends to increase as your experience increases. Along with a strong educational background, for a job like aerospace engineering, you also need to have good analytical skills and problem solving capability.

Aerospace <strong>Engineering</strong>
Aerospace Engineering

Nuclear Engineering:

Next is Nuclear Engineering. The job of a nuclear engineer is to design and form tools needed for the utilizing nuclear energy. Their task is to direct the processes of nuclear energy services. The starting salary of nuclear engineers is $105,810 precisely, which makes it among the top five high salaried jobs in engineering.

Thus, if you are wondering which jobs in engineering are some of the highest paying ones, then these are some of them which you can consider. Other than these four, electrical engineering, big data engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering and systems engineering jobs also offer handsome salary packages to fresh graduates as well as experienced engineers. Along with this advantage, these jobs are also progressive and can offer a bright future.