Career Options for Sociology Majors

August 11, 2021 | Althea Kelsey | Online Courses

Career Options for Sociology Majors

Skills of a Graduate with Sociology Degree 

Students with Sociology degrees study and explore the social world. You will use qualitative research methods and statistical tools to collect and analyze data. 

Sociology students write reports to convey research and express their views on social issues. They learn to think globally and pay attention to details. Social science students improve their presentation skills by sharing their findings with faculty and colleagues. These types of assignments help students develop strong communication skills. 

Sociology students learn to identify problems in the world around them, apply skills to solve these social dilemmas and cultivate their creativity to find solutions.

A Guide to Sociology Jobs

To choose the best career, you need to consider your other skills, interests, and values alongside your sociology major. As you consider how to apply your sociology major to the world of work, you can explore some of the following general job opportunities.

Let’s have a look at what careers are available for sociology majors.

Community and Youth Work 

Community and youth development are common but extremely important fields of sociology professions for the whole country. These roles are usually closely related to social policy, especially in welfare, education, community participation, poverty, rehabilitation, and health care. 

Sociological research will help to acquire a wide range of knowledge needed for community development work, including understanding the impact of laws and regulations on society and strong interpersonal skills. Equality and diversity officials and sports development officials. 

Community and Youth Work
Community and Youth Work

Sociology Career in Counseling and Therapy 

If you want to work more intimately in your community, a degree in Sociology can open your career in counseling and therapy. While learning psychology is a more typical route, psychology careers, counselors, and therapists can come from different backgrounds. Strong interpersonal skills, communication skills, critical thinking skills, and empathy without judgment are essential prerequisites. 

The role of counseling and therapy involves working closely with various people, individuals, couples, and/or groups to help them express their opinions and overcome a range of problems. More in this industry, anyone pursuing a career in mental health should consider additional medical qualifications. 

<strong>Sociology</strong> <strong>Career</strong> in Counseling and Therapy
Sociology Career in Counseling and Therapy

Education Major 

If you want to work in elementary and high school, a degree in sociology can give you an understanding of social education, the development of children, and even the laws of playgrounds. Sociology provides a solid foundation for education, which usually requires one year of teaching training. 

A university degree is usually a prerequisite for a university career; usually, you need at least a master’s degree and usually a doctorate. At this level, you may be working on your teaching and/or research focus. Job roles include teachers, mentors, and researchers; many people in academia combine several of these functions and focus on writing articles to be published in journals. 

Public service sociology professions 

Public service professions usually focus on issues similar to community development. Potential public service positions for sociology graduates include social welfare and social services, public health, voluntary sector, criminal justice, probation and prison, rehabilitation services, and housing. 

Social researchers are also needed to track social changes in public services. Employers generally seek analytical and critical thinking skills, cross-cultural understanding, the ability to collect and present complex information, knowledge of applicable industry laws and regulations, and strong interpersonal relationships.

Public Service <strong>Sociology</strong> Professions
Public Service Sociology Professions

Business management jobs for sociology graduates

This is another career for sociology majors that is a combination of a degree in sociology and a business career that opens up a wide range of career paths and professional fields. , Public Relations (PR), Recruitment, Human Resources (HR), etc. Those who study sociology may have the strong analytical skills needed to succeed in the corporate world, as well as the critical thinking skills needed to make connections and find solutions to business problems. 

Business Management Jobs <strong>for</strong> <strong>Sociology</strong> Graduates
Business Management Jobs for Sociology Graduates

Marketing career 

Understanding the complexity of human society and behavior is very useful for marketing careers. Marketing professionals focus on delivering information to different areas of society, identifying the needs of different groups of people, and taking corresponding actions. The classification and analysis of different parts of society help to create and locate marketing activities, and the statistical and analytical skills you acquire during your sociology studies provide an excellent foundation for effective work in this field.