Best paying early childhood education jobs

May 05, 2021 | Louis Garrick | Courses For Business

Best paying early childhood education jobs

Children are not only the best gift to ourselves but they are the future of the world. With the new research coming in from different areas of science about children and their cognitive development in childhood, many new opportunities are opening up for people interested in early childhood education jobs.

<strong>Best</strong> Paying Early Childhood Education Jobs
Best Paying Early Childhood Education Jobs

Professionals concerned with this field help lay the foundation for our children’s future. They not only prepare them for the challenges of the future, but they also try their best to make them emotionally, socially, and psychologically stable. Certified early childhood education specialists see through the different developmental challenges that children face, detect them sooner in their early onset, and find ways to help our children cope with them.

With the increasing population of the world and the rise in the ratio of preschoolers, jobs in this field are becoming more and more popular.

Here are a few jobs in early childhood education that have the best salary potential in the industry.

Kindergarten teacher

For most children, kindergarten is their first interaction with school life. At this stage, a kindergarten teacher has to ensure that they are fully capable of keeping up with the changes in the education field. They have to make sure that children adapt to their lives in schools and classrooms and prepare them for the very complex academic system in the future. They have to assess children’s behavior in classrooms, their interaction with other children, early childhood communication skills, and their ability to make new friends and change with the environment. They have to prepare reports, involve parents in their children’s academic life, and make sure that preschoolers are on the right path.

Kindergarten Teacher
Kindergarten Teacher

Most of the kindergarten teachers work in shifts having different children in each shift but some of them work as full-time teachers as for older children. The job requires a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and the average annual income that kindergarten teachers make is $40,600 which depending on the location, education, and experience can vary.

Special education teacher

In a classroom, every child has different learning behavior and a different set of skills. Some of them might require special attention because of their special needs. A special education teacher has to keep every single child in his mind while making plans for their studies. Children with disabilities such as slow learning or psychological challenges require extra effort from their teachers. Special education teachers have to take it slow for them and they have to progress facing and dealing with challenges every day.

Special Education Teacher
Special Education Teacher

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average annual salary of special education teachers was $60,000 in 2018 which has been increased a lot because of the importance of the duties that these teachers have. A special education teacher has to have a bachelor’s degree but a master’s degree offers more salary potential and opens up new possibilities to get higher jobs.

Childcare center directors for preschoolers

With their advanced leadership posts in the institutions, child care center directors have responsibilities that concern every individual in the facility. Children, teachers, and parents are directly affected by the decisions of these professionals. Their duty is to oversee all the aspects of running a childcare center and make sure that their decisions benefit all the concerned parties. Childcare center directors oversee the planning of all curricula and they supervise all the staff including teachers and their assistants. They have to arrange parent-teacher meetings to inform parents about their goals and the learning progress of individual children.

Childcare Center Directors For Preschoolers
Childcare Center Directors For Preschoolers

These professionals are the highest paid in the early childhood education field making more than $80,000 a year. Many of the special education teachers and kindergarten teachers after meeting the Early Education Teacher Educational Requirements are promoted to child care centers directors after having enough field experience.

Elementary school principal

Also known as the headmaster, an elementary school principal is in charge of an institution. From hiring teachers, assistants and other staff to admitting students, they are responsible for everything in the schools. They have to make sure that all the operations are running smoothly and no deviation from the specified curricula is being exercised. They have to involve the community members in the progress of the school and inform parents about the progress of their children in studies as well as other extra-curricular activities.

Out of all the early childhood education jobs, a principal is the most authoritative and the highest-paid. Making well over $80,700 annually, they have the potential to grow and by showing better results, they can enjoy better compensation.