4 ManyChat courses you need to know about

July 24, 2021 | Lu Henry | Online Courses

4 ManyChat courses you need to know about

Facebook chatbot marketing is a method to engage customers and build brand credibility using a bot. There are many benefits of this marketing strategy. Therefore, people are constantly using and building bots to entertain their customers. A chatbot can provide better customer service than a human. It is efficient, always available, and doesn’t get tired. 

People prefer using these bots. It is a computer program but you don’t always need a programmer or a coder to make a chatbot. You can do it yourself. ManyChat is a platform that offers free chatbot building facilities. However, to build a chatbot with the best customer service, you need to learn it from courses. Here are a few ManyChat courses for you

4 <strong>ManyChat</strong> Courses You Need to Know About
4 ManyChat Courses You Need to Know About

ManyChat Masterclass: Build Facebook Chat Bots with ManyChat

Your instructor:

Marketing Hero

About the course:

This course already has five thousand students. Yes! You heard it right. It is a bestseller by Udemy and it has a fabulous rating of 4.6 stars. The main focus of this course is chatbot development. You can master this and build your Facebook chatbot in no time. After completion,

  • You can create professional chatbot sequences without the need to learn to code. 
  • You can understand the working and function of ManyChat tools.
  • You can also increase your performance by using key performance indicators.
  • You can learn many content marketing strategies.
  • You can use ManyChat ads tools for advertisement.

You will gain lifetime access to this course. Moreover, it is available for a small price of $12.99. I consider it a very good investment considering you will learn an important skill of bot making. You only need a Facebook account and a ManyChat account.

<strong>ManyChat</strong> Masterclass: Build Facebook Chat Bots with <strong>ManyChat</strong>
ManyChat Masterclass: Build Facebook Chat Bots with ManyChat

ManyChat free video course

Your instructor:

ManyChat course experts

About the course:

Manychat itself is providing this course. This ManyChat tutorial is an attempt to let people know and understand the ManyChat features. There are many different video lessons for you. All of these are free. Once you learn all the features of this platform, it will be easier to work. There are many useful courses related to sales and customer care. These courses will surely help in your practical life. These video lessons contain all that you need from bot building to SMS automation. You can go at your own pace.

This course is for marketing professionals, agencies, business owners, and e-commerce experts. The talented team of ManyChat professionals demonstrates to you all the features of this tool. You can also watch these videos from the ManyChat YouTube channel.

<strong>ManyChat</strong> Free Video Course
ManyChat Free Video Course

The Ultimate Guide – Building a Facebook Chatbot in Manychat

Your instructor:

Amit Arora

About the course:

The target audience is Facebook business owners. Almost every other person has a Facebook account and many people use it for businesses. You will learn how to use a chatbot for Facebook marketing, how to feed messages in your chatbots. Moreover, you will also learn to engage users and provide them the best customer service.

All you need is an active internet connection and a valid Facebook page. This course has 3.5 hours of video content. You will also receive a certificate after completion. 

The Ultimate Guide - Building a Facebook Chatbot in <strong>ManyChat</strong>
The Ultimate Guide – Building a Facebook Chatbot in ManyChat

ManyChat for Amazon Sellers – 6 PROVEN, Copy & Paste Flows For 2021

Your instructor:

Sumner Hobart

About this course:

This course is a bit categorized for Amazon sellers only. This one combines both ManyChat and Amazon. You can also avail of a 14-day free trial. Your instructor will walk you through the basics and then explain further about different growth tools. He will teach you with examples of different people and his own experiences. The course goes on longer and there are so many topics. It consists of 31 lessons and all are worth it. 

In addition, you will do a project which will help you in your learning process.



All these courses will help you in your journey of chatbot building. You can learn all the methods of chatbots building. In addition, you will be able to learn and implement the best marketing strategies. In case you are assuming that such an awesome tool will be very expensive. You are wrong! Anyone can easily afford ManyChat pricing. It has three categories, a free, a pro, and a business. All of these are affordable and you can enjoy many features.