Life Purpose Coach Certification

Become a Certified Life Purpose Coach! Learn powerful tools & strategies to help clients find their purpose & passion.

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- Learn the techniques and tools that will help them help others find their purpose.
- Understand and learn the psychology of what creates long term change in people
- Utilize a proven
- step-by-step system with all the materials needed to help people

What you'll learn

Learn the techniques and tools that will help them help others find their purpose.
Understand and learn the psychology of what creates long term change in people
Utilize a proven
step-by-step system with all the materials needed to help people
Be able to teach what you learn with confidence
Increase your credibility
Add niche coaching
focused on life purpose
to your coaching business
Offer new services to current clients
Provide workbook materials to your clients
Add additional sources of revenue to your bottom line

* Requirements

* A basic understanding of life coaching


Students who complete this course will receive an official life coach CERTIFICATION from Transformation Academy. This course is also accredited by internationally recognized Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency (Provider No: 50134), and 15 CPD or CEU credits are available upon request. Details for how to request the official certification and optional 15 CPD/CEU credits will be provided  at the end of the course.


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Do you want to help your clients find greater meaning and purpose in their life?

Are you a life coach, counselor, workshop facilitator, speaker or other professional who works helps others live more fulfilling lives?

++++++++++++++Become a Certified Life Purpose Coach!++++++++++++++

"What is my life purpose?" is one of the most essential questions that all of us will ask at some point of our life. In fact, if you look up how many people search this term on google it is over 100,000 a month. If you do an Amazon search for books on “Life Purpose” it will give you over 10,000 results. Why?

Because it is human nature to want to understand the meaning of life. In a fast-paced society there are many people who might be creating success but not fulfillment. They have a feeling that life is supposed to me more, and they’re right.

For over a decade we have helped thousands of people live their purpose, which is one of the things that truly brings us joy. And we have also trained other life coaches on the methods we use, so they can guide their clients to find more purpose and meaning in life so they can love their career or embrace their true passions.

One thing that stood out from the research on happiness that I conducted for my dissertation for my PHD in psychology, is that living a life of purpose and meaning is essential for overall wellbeing, happiness and success. So, regardless of what type of coaching you do, helping your clients live a purpose-driven life is essential for their success and your success as a coach.

In this Life Coach Certification course, we give you the exact blueprint we have used for years to guide clients to discover their life’s purpose.

You will have the activities and tools you need to help your clients

  • Overcome the conditioning and negative patterns they picked up early in life

  • Discover what they’re made for through exploring their passions and interests

  • Capitalize on their talents and skills and how they can use their gifts to make a difference

  • Explore insights from understanding their personality type

  • Find meaning within their life changing experiences and powerful coincidences

  • Eliminate limiting belief systems and empower them to take their power back

Whether you are a coach, counselor, workshop facilitator, speaker or other professional who works with people, if you have a passion to help others live more fulfilling lives, this life purpose coach certification course will give you a complete life coaching package so you can start coaching your clients to discover their purpose today.

So, are you ready to help others discover and fulfill their purpose? If so enroll now, we look forward to seeing you in the course!  

Guarantee: We know you will love this course. However, we offer a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee if the course does not meet your needs for any reason.  

So, who are we?

We are Joeel & Natalie Rivera, serial entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, and educators. We have over a decade of experience in the field of psychology and life coaching and our greatest passion is empowering others to live life on their terms, fulfill their potential, and embrace their greater purpose. All of our programs are designed based on our experience in coaching, social services, psychology, and education, as well Joeel’s Masters Degree in Counseling and research on happiness for his dissertation for a PhD in psychology. We have over 300,000+ students from 195 countries.




In additional to professional coaching tips and tools, this life coach certification course teaches life coaches how to work with their clients to:  

  • CONDITIONING: As a life coach you will help clients overcome limiting conditioning from childhood and societal influences  

  • PASSIONS/INTERESTS: As a life coach you will help clients explore their greatest passions and interests and discover what they’re “made for”  

  • TALENTS/SKILLS: As a life coach you will help clients examine their natural talents and the skills they’ve acquired to determine possibilities  

  • PERSONALITY: As a life coach you will help clients investigate their personality type and glean insight into their desires and inclinations  

  • EXPERIENCES: As a life coach you will help clients search for patterns or hidden clues in their timeline of life changing experiences  

  • COINCIDENCES: As a life coach you will help clients consider how meaningful coincidences are often symbolic of greater meaning and purpose  

  • LIMITING BELIEFS: As a life coach you will help clients eliminate limiting beliefs systems (B.S.) and rewrite empowering new ones and how to overcome common excuses that can hold them back  

  • EMPOWERMENT: As a life coach you will help clients empower them to take their power back from others  

  • PURPOSE: As a life coach you will help clients bring together all of the above elements into a clear statement of purpose and write their personal manifesto as a powerful declaration of intent   




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Who this course is for:

  • If you have a passion to help others improve their lives.
  • If you are a counselor, life coach, speaker, teacher or other professional who works with people and you want to enhance the service you provide
  • If you like to have a structure to follow and step by step system with proven results
  • If you want to be able to give clients something concrete that they can work on
  • If you are a presenter, workshop facilitator or speaker and want to add additional tools to your offerings and services
  • If you want to expand your credibility through being a certified life purpose coach

Course content

6 sections • 66 lectures

Welcome Preview 03:15

FULL WORKBOOK (ADA Accessible) Preview 00:03

All Course Documents in One Handy Place Preview 00:08

Introduction to Being a Life Purpose Coach Preview 08:42

Welcome! Learn all about being a life purpose coach and what you need to know to get started

Worksheets: Intro to Purpose Preview 1 page

Stepping Stones to Purpose (Client) Preview 04:04

This section Stepping Stones to Purpose is the material that you will use when coaching your clients and is part of the introduction of the course.

Going through the Stepping Stones wih Your Client (Coach) Preview 04:08

Learn how to traverse the stepping stones with your clients.

How to Use This Course Preview 05:01

IMPORTANT--HOW TO USE THIS COURSE:  Lessons are marked " client" or "coach" and refer to the core material (client) and coaching training (coach). It is recommended to do the "client" sections yourself, as if you are the client, followed by the "coach" sections to delve deeper into how to apply this information to your coaching business.

REQUIRED: Agreement, Disclaimer and Code of Ethics Preview 00:04

Important information about life coaching.

Questions, Resources and Meet the Instructors Preview 00:51

About the MASTER Life Coach Certification and CPD/CEU Credits Preview 00:55


Worksheets: Childhood Influences Preview 3 pages

Conditioning: Childhood Influences (Client) Preview 07:28

If we take the time to reflect on how much of what we do and think did not originate as our own idea, and let go of things that do not serve us, we are freed to embrace beliefs and life choices that genuinely resonate with who we truly are and the life that we want to live.

The Roles You Play Preview 07:02

Childhood Influences and Roles (Coach) Preview 07:25

In this section we evaluate how to work with your clients to determine the roles they play in life and why, as well as your role as a coach.

Conditioning (Coach) Preview 12:25

In this section we will go over the power of conditioning and how it impacts our clients and how to help them break some of their negative conditioning. We will also look at what our roll is as a coach and ensure that we can use stories to help them be authentic with us.

NEW! Stop Trying to Discover Your PASSION! Find out why... Preview 10:41

In this video NEW you'll find out why expecting to "find" your passion is holding you back and how PURPOSE is better! This important distinction has come up with so many of our clients this year that we wanted to address it in this new video.

Worksheets: Passions and Interests Preview 3 pages

Passion and Interest (Client) Preview 05:10

In life, there are things we just absolutely love to do! There are things we naturally feel drawn to. There are activities we lose ourselves in—getting in the flow. There are things we’re passionate about, that inspire us, or that get us all riled up. In a search for your purpose, an important place to look are at THESE things!

Passions and Interests 1 (Coach) Preview 04:33

Learn tips for helping your client remember passions that may have been forgotten and give themselves permission to pursue them! Learn how to dig deeper to uncover the reason behind their interests.

Passions and Interests 2 (Coach) Preview 06:17

Understanding your client's passions is critical but it holds challenges as many may have pushed them aside and forgotten what they are. This video will give you tips and tools to helping your clients explore their passion, from the smallest things and expanding it to develop an understanding of bigger passions and how they play out in their life.

Worksheets: Talents and Skills Preview 2 pages

Talents and Skills (Client) Preview 07:13

All of us have a magnitude of talents and skills, but that does not mean that we are supposed to use them all to follow our purpose. In fact, just because that we are good at something does not mean that we have to do it or that it will bring us joy. For example, I may be good at data entry but does that mean that it is part of my purpose? Well, it depends if I feel alive while doing it and it brings me true joy.

Talents, Skills and the Growth Mindset Preview 09:10

Talents and Skills 1 (Coach) Preview 06:12

Learn how to prepare yourself to help clients discover their talents and how best to utilize them.

Talents and Skills 2 (Coach) Preview 06:09

Explore insights into determining which of your clients' talents and skills will best serve pursuit of their purpose!

Worksheets: Personality Preview 1 page

Personality (Client) Preview 13:33

Investigating your “personality type” can be an intriguing and educational process; plus, it's fun! Knowing your “type”, and that of those in your life, can help you glean important insight and understanding of yourself and others. Even more importantly, understanding your personality type might help you gain more clarity about your purpose! Quiz included.

Personality (Coach) Preview 04:30

Add credibility to your practice with the psychological accuracy and validity of personality type! Learn how to use personality type to assess how to merge purpose with career.

Left vs. Right Brain (Coach) Preview 17:09

In this video we will go over the impact of whether your client predominantly uses the left vs. right hemisphere of their brain and how you can utilize this knowledge to better serve your client.

Worksheets: Life Changing Experiences Preview 3 pages

Life Changing Experiences (Client) Preview 11:08

By looking at your life on a timeline you can see it more objectively. You may notice a pattern or a series of experiences that led you along, toward where you are today. By understanding you may see where your life is being led towards. For example have you ever watched a movie and knew what was going to happen before it happen? If you have, then think of your life in the same perspective. If you can observe the plot of the story you may be able to decipher where it's going.

Life Changing Experiences (Coach) Preview 03:41

This segment is when momentum really starts rolling! It's fun to watch your client look at the trajectory of their life and see how it is often quite clear the direction they are heading, in the direction of their greater purpose. Often you'll see that life events are often pivotal and that they have a tendency to happen in a way that slowly leads in the direction of a greater purpose, often without the person realizing it. They may find themselves just at that right place at the right time, coaching with you and evaluating how to continue the momentum forward toward their higher purpose. 

Worksheets: Coincidences Preview 3 pages

Coincidences (Client) Preview 13:01

Beyond the three-dimensional world of cause and effect, coincidences, often referred to as synchronicities, give us the experience of that which is beyond. These events are totally unrelated; however, they align in special, unexpected, unexplainable ways beyond what can be rationalized. Looking back at your timeline, you may see some of those events and recall how they came to be through “coincidental” ways.

Coincidences (Coach) Preview 06:18

When working with clients who are open to the notion of synchronicity and coincidences and recognize the higher calling contained within them, this segment of the coaching process can be a lot of fun. Not only is it helpful to have your client recall coincidental experiences that may have lead them along their path to their current place of purpose, but it's important to actively discuss current coincidences that occur during the coaching process.

Worksheets: Eliminating B.S. Preview 1 page

Eliminating BS (Client) Preview 12:48

We all have limiting beliefs, whether they were created by us, people around us, or society. The most powerful thing that you can do is be able to really look at the BS (believe systems). If you look hard enough you will find that there is evidence that will contradict that BS. Once you find something that contradicts it, what you will find is that more and more evidence will start to present itself, like a snowball effect. Before you know it what will happen is that BS will be a thing of the past.

Changing B.S. 1 (Coach) Preview 11:08

Overcoming negative thinking and belief systems is a powerful key to long term success and following through on fulfilling one's purpose.

Changing B.S. 2 (Coach) Preview 13:21

Even if your clients determine a purpose which they would like to pursue, they will encounter internal obstacles, resistance to change, caused by some of the limiting beliefs that they hold. The activities we have in the course related to beliefs are useful tools to use with your clients, but in addition to that it's important that you go into it with a deeper understanding of how to change beliefs, as well as some of the common beliefs that may need changing in order for your clients to follow through on pursuing their dreams. 

Worksheets: Empowering Beliefs Preview 2 pages

Empowering BS (Client) Preview 09:15

There are very common limiting belief systems that are passed from generation to generation and person to person much like a virus—a mind virus. These sneaky viruses usually go undetected because they are so common, or normal, in our society that one rarely even notices that they have been infected. For this reason, they're really easy to spread.

The good news is there is an easy cure—awareness! One you become aware of one of these buggers you can choose to believe something different, immediately killing the virus!

Empowering Beliefs 1 (Coach) Preview 06:22

Common limiting beliefs that stop people from changing their lives and living their purpose often are surrounding the notion of things they “have to” do. The forbidden word “should.” A client may have a great passion for something that they've been told is inappropriate. They may have a talent they've always wanted to use, but they've been told it's unrealistic that they'd be successful with it. This is why we had a section that addressed roles. Often we're taught to play roles that then prevent us for following what we truly desire.

Empowering Beliefs 2 (Coach) Preview 06:40

How to coach your clients to change their beliefs and practice empowering thoughts.

Worksheets: Say No To But Preview 1 page

Say No to Buts (Client) Preview 13:45

Replace your excuses with commitments!

Just as with the “mind viruses” above, we all have common phrases we've picked up from our families and cultures that are nothing more than excuses. By becoming aware of them, questioning them, and changing the way we view the underlying fears behind them, we can change the way we think and empower ourselves!

Eliminating Excuses and "Buts" (Coach) Preview 13:00

Be prepared for the most common source of resistance that your clients may experience and the excuses or "buts" they may use to object to change. Use tools to work through these potential limits.

Worksheets: Take Your Power Back Preview 1 page

Your Power (Client) Preview 08:12

Most of us are operating on low power levels. Why? Because we give our power. How? By allowing other people's actions and beliefs to affect us. By using our energy directing our attention toward negative things or toward other people. Your ability to live in alignment with your purpose will be amplified by taking your power back! Answer the questions below and evaluate how much power you give away—and then take it back!

Taking Back Your Power (Coach) Preview 16:31

This section is an exciting opportunity, as a coach, to truly empower your clients! In order for anyone to live in alignment with their higher purpose, they first have to be willing to honor themselves. It is very common that people develop beliefs that cause them to sacrifice what they want in their lives for what they think they’re supposed to do for others. Chances are that a client who wants to “discover their purpose” is at a place where they are at least willing to take back their power, however they will most likely still need encouragement to follow through.

Rewriting Your Story (Coach) Preview 13:20

We are all natural story tellers, and so we automatically tell ourselves and others a story of who we are and how the world works. This story is told by default, based on the beliefs we picked up about our self and the world and our own personal experience. When we tell these stories, we are usually not aware. Even if we are aware, we often don't know why we tell what we tell, and the story is not necessarily based on fact.

Worksheets: Rewriting Your Story. Preview 7 pages

Worksheets: Clarify Your Purpose Preview 2 pages

Clarifying your Purpose (Clients) Preview 07:33

SPOILER ALERT: Do not skip to this section without doing the rest of the course first! Now, it’s time to look back over everything you’ve been working on and see how it all fits together. What trajectory do you see your life has been taking and where does it all seem to be pointing you?

Putting it all Together (Coach) Preview 11:37

After completing each of the stepping stones, it's time to look at the insights that your client has gleaned from their exploration and see what stands out.

Worksheets: Manifesto Preview 3 pages

Writing your Manifesto (Clients) Preview 07:24

Now that you have DISCOVERED YOUR PURPOSE and eliminated the limitations that have been holding you back, it’s time to put your newfound mission out to the world by writing your MANIFESTO! A manifesto is a declaration of your beliefs, opinions, motives, and intentions.

Next Steps (Coach) Preview 08:57

This video will go over the next steps to take after you have helped your client identify their purpose or if they are still trying to grasp their purpose.

Planning for Change (Coach) Preview 10:10

In this video we will go over how to help your client plan for change. 

Implementation (Coach) Preview 07:31

This video will walk you though the steps of implementing everything that you have learned.

Implementation 2 (Coach) Preview 14:46

This video will walk you though the steps of implementing everything that you have learned.

Confidentiality (Coach) Preview 05:29

As a coach you are required to keep your clients information confidential, much like other fields such as therapy. Find out what you need to know.

Bonus: Power of Your Mind Exercise Preview 06:30

How to Request Your Official Life Coach Certification Preview 00:41

Bonus: Additional Resources You Don't want to Miss Preview 05:51